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Finally, an official currency for kids!

LEGOLAND Dollars are the exclusive currency of LEGOLAND Florida Resort, and as part of an exclusive partnership with Travelex, LEGOLAND Dollars are now listed for exchange in a 1:1 ratio with U.S. Dollars in 55 participating locations. LEGOLAND Dollars are the first theme park currency to be listed on an official exchange board, and will be available for the Summer 2015 season.


If having your own LEGOLAND Dollars wasn’t enough fun, guests will receive added special coupons with their exchange, valued at $39.25 for a $50 exchange. These special offers are available at the following increments:

  • $15 exchange = 1 Free Granny’s Apple Fries
  • $25 exchange = 1 Free Parking + Free Granny’s Apple Fries
  • $50 exchange = 1 Free Upgrade to LEGOLAND Water Park + Free Parking + Free Granny’s Apple Fries

“Everything at LEGOLAND Florida Resort is created for kids, including the currency.  By using LEGOLAND Dollars with a playful design, it builds on the immersive experience for young guests,” said Adrian Jones, General Manager of LEGOLAND Florida Resort.

In addition to the added coupons, kids can also discover the unique stories behind each Minifigure featured on the LEGOLAND Dollars.


$10 Bill—Surfer Girl

One day, the fearless Surfer Girl grabbed her best board, and paddled to the middle of the LEGO Wave Pool. She surfed the tallest wave the LEGOLAND Water Park had ever seen.  Surfer Girl hung 10 on a swell that stood 10 feet high! And that’s why she’s on the 10 dollar bill.


$5 Blake—The Drivertwitter_6

One day, Blake took his driving test at the Ford Junior Driving School. He passed, with neither a bump nor a scratch! Blake became the youngest kid ever to get his LEGOLAND driver’s license—at only 5 years old! And that’s why he’s on the 5 dollar bill!

$1 Bill The Explorertwitter_10

While exploring a frontier a frontier we now call Florida, The Explorer came upon the greatest land he had ever explored! It’s where they eventually built LEGOLAND Florida—which makes him one of the greatest explorers in the world! And that’s why he’s on the $1 Dollar Bill.

Find out where you can get your LEGOLAND Dollars at https://www.travelex.com/legoland.

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Booking for the LEGOLAND Hotel at the LEGOLAND Florida Resort is now open!

Construction August 2014

It’s less than one year before LEGOLAND® Florida Resort opens the doors to its new LEGOLAND® Hotel, and the window is now officially open for guests to book their rooms! Opening Summer 2015, the five story LEGO® themed hotel will feature 152 brightly colored and highly themed rooms and suites, thousands of LEGO models and interactive play areas! The addition of the Hotel gives guests the opportunity to extend their stay and explore LEGOLAND Florida Resort for more than one day giving them the ultimate family experience.PoolSite

Construction is going strong since the November groundbreaking and LEGOLAND Hotel recently reached its “topping off” milestone as the concrete was poured onto the roof. Emmet, from “The LEGO Movie,” dusted off his construction hat to help with the placing of the Merlin flag. Merlin Entertainments, the parent company of LEGOLAND Parks, is the number one attraction operator in Europe and the second largest in the world with more than 100 attractions in 22 countries and across four continents.

PirateSiteLocated at the main entrance of LEGOLAND Florida, the Hotel includes a pool, restaurants including a kid-size buffet, interactive play areas and is truly designed to inspire imaginations and create memories for all visitors. Hotel guests will have early access to the Park and be treated to nightly entertainment.

Families can choose from one of three popular LEGO toy lines as their room theme: Pirate, Kingdom or Adventure. All rooms include two separate sleeping areas, with a king-size bed for grown-ups, and a separate sleeping area for up to three little ones, complete with a bunk bed, pull-out trundle bed and their very own TV! An exciting new room theme will be announced at a later date. To book your room and be part of this brick-tacular moment in history, visit www.LEGOLANDHotel.com!

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The Best Ways to Beat the Summer Heat at LEGOLAND Florida!

The Florida summer heat is just around the corner and the best way to enjoy time outdoors is to be prepared! We want to help you make the most out of your visit to LEGOLAND Florida with some tips on how to beat the summer heat here in the park.

  1. Stand under one of our Cool Zones!

Various Cool Zones are located throughout the park for your cooling pleasure with overhead misting fans to give you the refresh you need on a hot day.


  1. Head over to World of Chima

Unleash the power and battle with water cannons to defend the mystical energy source, CHI. Meet Laval and Cragger, splash and play in Cragger’s Swamp!BTHBlog1

  1. Spend some time in DUPLO Valley

DUPLO Valley, our newest addition, has a few different ways to help you beat the heat. The Splash and Play area is a perfect place for kids to run through the water and have fun while cooling down. DUPLO Barn is an indoor playground, complete with air conditioning.

  1. Enjoy an indoor show or ride

The Imagination Zone, our 4D Theater, Pharaohs’ Revenge, Lost Kingdom Adventure, Fresh From Florida Greenhouse…just to name a few!

  1. Take a break and go shopping or enjoy a snack indoors

Most of our dining spaces have shaded or indoor seating. Refuel with some tasty snacks, cold beverages and enjoy the indoors or shop for some of your favorite LEGO products.

  1. Walk through Cypress Gardens

LEGOLAND Florida is proud to be part of history and preserving Cypress Gardens. Not only can you enjoy some awesome shade but you can also stroll through the beautiful gardens the area has been home to since 1936.


7.  Explore the LEGOLAND Water Park

Our Water Park is fun for all ages with tons of cool down options to enjoy! From racing down our water slides to floating in our Build-a-Raft River, you will have plenty to keep you busy OR relax on a lazy summer day.

Now that you are prepared with all our “cool” tips…BRING ON THE SUMMER!



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Picture Yourself at LEGOLAND Florida


There’s a lot of firsts at LEGOLAND Florida. Many youngsters ride their first roller coaster. Families ride their first fire trucks in Rescue Academy. Kids explore their first maze at Pharoh’s Revenge.

What’s missing from this picture? A way to record and capture every first moment! Well we have great news for you! At LEGOLAND Florida there are many ways to stay connected to friends and family at home and remember all of the cherished moments lived through the park.

Smart Phone Cameras: Save some weight in the fanny pack and leave your big, bulky camera behind. Both iPhones and Android devices work throughout the park. Capture photos and upload them instantly to Facebook and Twitter. You can even tag LEGOLAND Florida on Facebook for a chance to appear on our own page! Although we encourage snapping and uploading photos, keep in mind that LEGOLAND Florida and Winter Haven only have 3G signals.

Facebook Check-ins: Show your LEGOLAND Florida excitement through social media channels. Let your Facebook friends know you’re at our park by checking in on Facebook. After they see your location show up on their newsfeed, they will want to know more about your trip.

LEGOLAND Photographers: Don’t have a camera? Not a problem! LEGOLAND Florida has professional photographers ready to capture your memorable moments in the park. Just look for a LEGOLAND Florida employee with a camera near the Walk-Around.

Attraction Photos: What do CoasterSaurus, Flight School, The Lost Kingdom Adventure and LEGO TECHNIC all have in common? LEGOLAND Florida has placed cameras on each ride to capture every scream, laugh and smile! Simply have fun and check out your photo at the ride’s exit. Photos are available to purchase in a variety of sizes.

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Have Yourself a Happy Meet and Greet


Are you looking for a fun and interactive experience at LEGOLAND Florida?

Meet Buddy — our walk-around character mascot of the park. He’s tall, yellow, friendly, and loves taking pictures with LEGOLAND Florida guests. Buddy and his friends Max and Stormer have all agreed to welcome LEGO fans into the park throughout the day.

We are aware many of our guests may have never been to a character greet before, so here are some of our top tips!

1. First time greeters: Many of our guests will experience their first time greeting our LEGOLAND characters. This is truly a remarkable milestone in a child’s life and we understand many of our guests may be intimidated by the large figures. Show how happy you are to visit our characters by greeting them yourself. When a parent is seen hugging, shaking hands, and saying hello to our characters, children are more likely to model the behavior.

2. Autographs: Although some of our LEGOLAND characters may not be able to sign with their LEGO hands, it’s a great idea to bring an autograph book with a pen to the park.

3. Photos: We want our guests to understand photo etiquette during greeting times. We encourage taking photos of your children (or even yourselves) with our characters but please be courteous to all guests that would like to also visit.

4. Avoiding moods: Many of our guests may not want to say goodbye to our LEGOLAND characters. When we see this scenario, we recommend talking about what attraction you will visit next. It’s easier when a child knows there’s something else to explore.

5. Consider time: A satisfying lunch and an early character greeting makes a big difference. Beat the afternoon blues. Kids tend to have a more positive interaction with our characters earlier in the day.

As an added tip for out blog readers, if you see one of our fantastic shows, The Battle for Brickbeard’s Bounty or Big Test, hang around after the show to meet characters from the show!

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Safari Trek Photo Safari


The Land of Adventure at LEGOLAND Florida is host to some of the wildest attractions in the park. One of the most popular is the Safari Trek. Guests drive a jeep through the wilds of Africa populated with over 30 lifelike LEGO animals.

With a minimum height requirement of 34 inches even the littlest guest can enjoy the attraction. Guests over 48 inches tall can even pilot their own car without the aid of a responsible rider.

All of the African animal models on Safari Trek were designed and constructed to be as close to lifelike as possible.

Did you know that Zebras have black skin and white stripes and that no two Zebras have the same pattern of stripes? Just like fingerprints on humans!

Watch out for the Elephant! His nickname is squirt!

Don’t miss the Bird and Mask sculptures at the entrance to the Safari!

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