LEGOLAND® Florida Resort welcomes back ‘Blue Elephant’ award winner

Nearly 25 years ago, Michael Dominik was an 11-year-old boy living in Germany when his life was changed by an elephant. A blue elephant.

Blue Elephant Award

Michael Dominik was one of a handful of children who received the coveted “blue elephant” LEGO award in the 1990s.

After entering a LEGO® building competition, Michael was delighted to learn he’d won a prestigious award that made him an “honorary citizen” of LEGOLAND®, a reference to what was then the only LEGOLAND park in the world, Denmark’s LEGOLAND Billund.

In addition to a regal certificate proclaiming his membership in SOCIUS HONORARIUS LEGOLANDIAE, Michael received a stylish medallion on a multicolored ribbon — a blue elephant made out of LEGO bricks.

Although the rare “blue elephant” honor has mostly been forgotten a quarter-century later, Michael always remembered one of its promised perks — lifetime free admission to LEGOLAND.

Michael Dominik

Michael recently visited LEGOLAND Florida Resort with his prestigious blue elephant medallion.

On a recent visit to LEGOLAND Florida Resort, Michael was warmly welcomed back to the site he’d visited years ago with his grandparents when it was Cypress Gardens, one of Florida’s oldest tourist attractions.

He said he was delighted to see the ways the site has changed now that it’s part of the global LEGOLAND family, and that he appreciated the efforts made to continue the water ski shows and preserve the 81-year-old botanical gardens that made the site famous.

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