Learn and Grow with NEW Fresh From Florida Experience

Fresh from Florida LEGO Orange Grove

The new Fresh from Florida Learn and Grow Experience is now open for guests to explore! This new area is a perfect compliment to the Fresh from Florida Greenhouse, which was opened last year as a result of a partnership between the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and LEGOLAND Florida. The partnership aims to educate visitors about where their food comes from and promote healthy eating.

Fresh From Florida Greenhouse

At LEGOLAND Florida’s Fresh From Florida Greenhouse, visitors can explore a Florida farm from seed to harvest through a variety of hands-on and visual displays that demonstrate the six stages of production – seeding, sowing, watering, tending, harvesting and serving. Since the Fresh From Florida Greenhouse was built, visitors from Florida and around the world have learned why natural resources – like water and nutrients – are essential to crops and what animals – like cows and bees – play a role in providing foods served at tables across the nation.

Fresh from Florida Learn and Grow Experience

This latest expansion welcomes guests to enjoy a beautiful lakeside setting and provides a fun, interactive and educational experience about Florida agriculture. Visitors can see a model orange grove, with LEGO oranges and orange pickers; work a solar-powered irrigation system by turning solar powers toward a LEGO sun; enjoy native plants, flowers and wildlife, including a LEGO bald eagle; and learn about the history of Florida since Ponce de Leon landed in Florida 500 years ago in 1513.

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