Have Yourself a Happy Meet and Greet


Are you looking for a fun and interactive experience at LEGOLAND Florida?

Meet Buddy — our walk-around character mascot of the park. He’s tall, yellow, friendly, and loves taking pictures with LEGOLAND Florida guests. Buddy and his friends Max and Stormer have all agreed to welcome LEGO fans into the park throughout the day.

We are aware many of our guests may have never been to a character greet before, so here are some of our top tips!

1. First time greeters: Many of our guests will experience their first time greeting our LEGOLAND characters. This is truly a remarkable milestone in a child’s life and we understand many of our guests may be intimidated by the large figures. Show how happy you are to visit our characters by greeting them yourself. When a parent is seen hugging, shaking hands, and saying hello to our characters, children are more likely to model the behavior.

2. Autographs: Although some of our LEGOLAND characters may not be able to sign with their LEGO hands, it’s a great idea to bring an autograph book with a pen to the park.

3. Photos: We want our guests to understand photo etiquette during greeting times. We encourage taking photos of your children (or even yourselves) with our characters but please be courteous to all guests that would like to also visit.

4. Avoiding moods: Many of our guests may not want to say goodbye to our LEGOLAND characters. When we see this scenario, we recommend talking about what attraction you will visit next. It’s easier when a child knows there’s something else to explore.

5. Consider time: A satisfying lunch and an early character greeting makes a big difference. Beat the afternoon blues. Kids tend to have a more positive interaction with our characters earlier in the day.

As an added tip for out blog readers, if you see one of our fantastic shows, The Battle for Brickbeard’s Bounty or Big Test, hang around after the show to meet characters from the show!

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